"Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere." -Albert Einstein. 



Visual Arts Practical Courses 

Extreme enthusiasm will shine a long experience in the class by applying the efficient distribution of knowledge, which based on a balanced approach to a creative outcome. Practical collaboration through Visual Arts convinces I to build a strong bridge to link the enthusiasm and knowledge to students and help them to create a concept of creation. Having a suitable approach to the outcomes and following the subjects of a course need a definite philosophy that I am going to explain:

Nostalgic moments of my students' works

Courtship, Gouache

Reza Hosseiny



"A generation which ignores history has no past and no future." -Robert Heinlein

Theory of Art & Art History

I always used to rushing to class and getting some peace behind the lectern, especially when the course was starting, and I was not familiar with the students, and it was like a corps to protect self-doubt behind and achieve a relative calm. But, as time went on, I came to a time when I could find peace and confidence when I could interact with my students. Furthermore, this happened when I did not find myself in front of the students, but I felt alongside them, so I continued to work with students and encourage them to participate in the class, and it was a remembrance time that I felt how much can I learn from them when I am not lecturing. 

Armageddon, Wood Mosaic

Reza Hosseiny


Visual Arts Fundamental 


                         Course Description

This studio course introduces the six elements of art (Point- Line- Shape- Depth- Value- Texture) and four principles of design (Rhythm- Symmetry/Asymmetry- Contrast- Balance) so that you can continue your education through fine arts and design disciplines. Knowing the characteristic of each element in a composition, and applying the principles of design in original artwork, are the core purposes of this course and the first step towards creating a complete visual artwork. This course, you work with various studio materials to build your artistic portfolio. You learn through group discussion, group and individual critiques, videos, PowerPoint lectures, and demonstrations.

Shamseh - Sun of Flowers 

Reza Hosseiny



Nostalgic moments of my students' works

This gallery of random samples is designated on behalf of all my college students endeavours through years of art studio classes within different majors. These are some samples of in-class works of my students from 2004 to 2014. 

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