Artist Statement

      (Inversion Collection)

Inversion Collection

(one side of the coin) 

Stitched World with Arrhythmia's Heartbeat
Stitched World with Arrhythmia’s Heartbeat

Stitched World with Arrhythmia's Heartbeat- Phase one- A part of Inversion Collection 

Coercion (a part of Inversion Collection). Actually the name of this conceptual work is "Coercion," and being mentally apart from each other is one of the coercion's causes. For the first time, I tried to apply some new material to embrace the concept. I know that epoxy resin is not a pure material as I would like to use absolute and organic material,. Still, as long as these chemicals are environmentally friendly and non-toxic, I would like to use them. Moreover, these kinds of experiences help us to satisfy our curiosity. 

Epoxy Resin
Coercion + Eposy Resin

Behind The Scene

(Inversion Collection) 

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